Safely in Denmark

Actually, we have been here for several months but the logistics of an international move involving a family and two lost cats, have intervened. However, we are back in the land of the Little Mermaid and the Cinnamon Snail Cafe. 

For now I am pondering on book titles. Every article I read says that the title and cover are the most important initial connection with the reading public. Clearly you can judge a book by its cover and that makes sense in this context. So how, I wonder, do people come up with the amazing titles that they do? The Remains of the Day – Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe – The Rainbow and the Rose. I have a book I am about to publish, set in Sydney. It is currently without title. The theme is of a young woman who moves to Sydney to follow a dream and is unsure, once she gets there, if she has made a mistake. Currently my brain is coming up short. ‘The Long Way Round’ was my best thought until I discovered Ewan McGregor had got there first. 

So a free Cinnamon Snail and glass of Gløgg to the person who helps me out.

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2 Responses to Safely in Denmark

  1. Rosie Taylor says:

    Deign to Admit
    More an Antique Roman than a Dane

    • rjwhittaker says:

      Sorry not to have been back to the blog recently and acknowledged comments. Just got the book cover finalised and the amount of work it has taken is insane. Will do better!

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