Safely in Denmark

Actually, we have been here for several months but the logistics of an international move involving a family and two lost cats, have intervened. However, we are back in the land of the Little Mermaid and the Cinnamon Snail Cafe. 

For now I am pondering on book titles. Every article I read says that the title and cover are the most important initial connection with the reading public. Clearly you can judge a book by its cover and that makes sense in this context. So how, I wonder, do people come up with the amazing titles that they do? The Remains of the Day – Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe – The Rainbow and the Rose. I have a book I am about to publish, set in Sydney. It is currently without title. The theme is of a young woman who moves to Sydney to follow a dream and is unsure, once she gets there, if she has made a mistake. Currently my brain is coming up short. ‘The Long Way Round’ was my best thought until I discovered Ewan McGregor had got there first. 

So a free Cinnamon Snail and glass of Gløgg to the person who helps me out.

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2 Responses to Safely in Denmark

  1. Rosie Taylor says:

    Deign to Admit
    More an Antique Roman than a Dane


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