The Cinnamon Snail !!!!!

The Cinnamon Snail

I am aware of the heinousness of sprinkling your writing with exclamation marks but too bad. Exactly a year after finishing the first draft, The Cinnamon Snail by Rosemary Whittaker, was uploaded to Amazon (US, UK, Germany).

It’s been a strange and difficult weekend in many ways. It was the first anniversary of my mother’s death and she was the reason the book was finished as soon as it was. She had read my first book, Gap Year, and written enthusiastically to say how much she had enjoyed it. Aware that she had already outlived her initial prognosis, I decided to write her a second book in one calendar month because there was so little else I could do for her at twelve thousand miles distance. This I did, writing morning, noon and night in between looking after my toddler and older children.

I finished it on the 31st day and sent it at once. She took it into the garden and lay in the sunshine to read it over the next couple of days. I still have the note she sent as soon as she had finished, saying she enjoyed it even more than the first one. Five days later, she died.

I haven’t dedicated it to her because she asked me, before she died, to dedicate a particular book to her – Present Memories – of which, more later. But she’s very definitely in my mind each time I look at The Cinnamon Snail. I even took her and my father to the real life cafe on which I based the fictional cafe. So, Mum, this one’s for you, with grateful thanks.

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10 Responses to The Cinnamon Snail !!!!!

  1. Kay Camden says:

    So awesome! I just bought it. I absolutely love the cover. It’s a cover I would pick up in a bookstore. I might just have to put down everything else and read it.


  2. Anne Folliss says:

    A great easy read – just perfect for getting over some major jet lag – and very funny too. So descriptive I could really imagine all the scenes in my head, and feel rather envious of Kate. Really looking forward to Sunshine State – hope it is ready soon as I am between books at the moment.


  3. Christian hostin says:

    I was initially skeptical about reading this book, my wife told me about it. She read it and loved it! I found it a very enjoyable read that was extremely easy to visualize! Great work! Keep it up.


    • rjwhittaker says:

      How did I manage to miss this comment and ignore it?! A sad reflection on the fact I am a still a total techno numpty. So sorry. I do appreciate your taking the time to comment. Thanks very much.


  4. Maria Graciela Beltran says:

    Lovely!! I enjoyed it very much!! It is amazing to recognize all the places Kate visits. I felt so identified with her when she starts learning Danish. Now I will start with “Sunshine State”. I am already excited. Thanks Rosemary!! I wish you all the best. And congratulations for your excellent performance in the Mistery Murder, you have been great!! Your script was fantastic and it really surprised me a lot in the end. I did not expect the end at all. GOOD JOB!!


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