First published article

I was stunned to receive an email accepting this article. I was chatting with a friend a year ago and told her about our experiences with moving country and searching for stability. She immediately told me to write it up and send it off. It only took me a year to take her advice.

It does give credence to the advice that so many have given me. Write what you know. I know a lot about moving countries with young children and have read to mine daily since they were tiny. It never occurred to me that this sort of knowledge could ever be anything that could interest anyone else. It just goes to show that our own lives feel banal to us because we live them, while everyone else seems to live in a fascinating bubble. But that’s not how they see it. I am thinking now about the other parts of my life that might be worth sharing with others and turning into articles and stories.

I have also written four novels in the genre of popular fiction and have only just realised how much I have used my own life experiences in those too, to add colour and interest. The four books all deal with young British women who are forced by circumstance to change country. I was married and expecting my first baby by the time we started our journey around the world. But I have used each of the four countries in which I have lived for any amount of time, for the settings of the novels. Instant authenticity – or so I hope.

The first of these novels – The Cinnamon Snail – is about to be uploaded to Amazon. It deals with a young woman who is dumped by the love of her life when he returns to his native Denmark. She follows him there to win him back and spends a year of her life building a new life in Copenhagen. At the end of the year she is forced to consider her future and whether what she thought she wanted, is still what she wants and if the person who wanted those things is still the same person who started this journey.

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